About Rosmar Booth


Hon Ret Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers.

Founder Member of the Hilliard Society of Miniaturist.

Past Member of the Miniature Art Society of Florida. 1982-2020
Past Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 2010-2016

Past Vice- President of the Royal Miniature Society. 2006-2012


First place six square inches or less, Montana Miniature Art Society 1982

“Migration” Montana Miniature Art Society 1982

A Collector’s Choice purchase award, Montana Miniature Art Society 1982

First Place in drawing and pastel, Miniature Art Society of Florida 1983

Honourable Mention drawing and pastel, Miniature Art Society of New Jersey 1983

First place six square inches, Montana Miniature Art Society 1983

Fourth place in portraits, Rocky Mountain Art Show of Colorado 1983

Honourable Mention, Allegheny art exhibition of West Virginia 1983

First place in abstract, Miniature Art Society of Florida 1984

Award for consistency of styles, Cameo Art Gallery international show SC 1984

The best in mixed media, Allegheny exhibition West Virginia 1985

Second place The Jane Law Art Gallery exhibition New Jersey 1985

Second place in abstract , Miniature Art Show of Florida 1987

First place in abstract, Miniature Art Society of Florida 1988

Third in portraiture, fifth annual International Show Georgia 1990

Third in abstract, the international show of Georgia 1990

Honourable Mention, acrylic in the Montana Miniature Art Society 1993

Best of Show 3rd place, Jane Law Art Gallery, Surf City, NJ 2000

The President’s Special Commendation for a large painting, RMS London 2007



Rosa Maria Booth (R. M. Parejo) known in the Art World as "Rosmar" was born in Olot, a picturesque Catalan Town on the river Fluvia close to the Pyrenees in Northern Spain; she came from a family of artistic background. A former fashion designer and later a language tutor, she studied Art privately and at various colleges.


At home as a young girl Rosmar was privileged to meet the great Catalan Artist Salvador Dali on several occasions. She was so fascinated by his extraordinary personality and the surrealist paintings he produced that she decided then that she wanted to became an artist.So she became a disciple of J. Agusti and E. Parejo from” l’escola paisagistica Olotina". She was involved in the old group “el Crater d’art” and became a member of ANSIBA.


She moved to Paris in 1972 and, after a short spell at the Ecole d’art Martenot , she become a pupil of Madeleine Scali. As a   student Rosmar quite often sold her work  in Montmartre to be able to purchase art material. She found the artistic atmosphere of the city extraordinary.


In 1975 Rosmar finally arrived in London  and, after a  short spell at the Heartherley  school of  Art and The City Lit, she became a pupil of K. Walch, and  later, in Essex,  of M. Martin TTC.

Artist's Statement

For me painting is a never ending activity and the result of hard and constant work. Mixed together with a great delight, and a passion for detail, I like to create work from reality, the imagination, or just express my inner feelings.  To paint and create a work of art gives me great pleasure and I just hope that you’ll have as much enjoyment viewing it.


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Rosmar Booth